One of My Favorite Days of the Year – The Feast Day of St. Therese!

We all have days during the course of the year that are very special to us. For some it is a birthday or an anniversary. For others it is a holiday occasion. For me, without a doubt, St. Therese’s Feast Day on October 1st is one of my favorite days of the year.

I hope that all of you who have a special devotion to St. Therese had a blessed and holy day, too. Please write in at and let me know how you and your family celebrated this great day.

In the past I have celebrated St. Therese’s Feast Day by giving a presentation on her life and teachings or by hosting a special dinner at our place with family and friends in her honor. This year Maria and I are both getting over colds and so our celebration was simple and quiet. I was off of work today so we had the entire day free.

We attended a noon mass at a parish near us where the Augustinian priest gave an insightful and inspiring homily about how St. Therese loved God in the simple and humble tasks and that her life was not focused on miracles and the extraordinary. After a pleasant lunch at a small café, we made a Holy Hour of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament at another small chapel named in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I agree with Mother Teresa of Calcutta that the best hours spent on this earth are those before the Blessed Sacrament.

We next went to a private garden where we have a seasonal membership called Chanticleer. It is one of the most beautiful private gardens in the U.S. featuring around 50 acres of exotic trees and plants, gardens, streams, ponds, and rolling hills. We had the place mostly to ourselves and we strolled for an hour or more through the idyllic grounds.

Every time I am around flowers of any kind I cannot help but recall the story that St. Therese tells in her Autobiography that eventually led to her famous moniker of the Little Flower. When writing some years later about the day she confided her desire to enter the Carmelite Monastery to her father, she described the following: “What I do recall, however, is a symbolic action my dear King performed, not realizing its full meaning. Going up to a low wall, he pointed to some little white flowers, like lilies in miniature, and plucking one of them, he gave it to me, explaining the care with which God brought it into being and preserved it to that very day. While I listened, I believed I was hearing my own story, so great was the resemblance between what Jesus had done for the little flower and little Therese” (Story of A Soul, p. 108).

I hope everyone had a wonderful Feast Day of St. Therese and we look forward to honoring our guardian angels tomorrow on their feast day.

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