The Thief

On today’s date in 1897 St. Therese was suffering greatly from one of the symptoms of her tuberculosis – a hemoptysis or severe bleeding due to a lung hemorrhage. Her sister, Pauline, knew that Therese had become very holy and was going to die soon so she had recently begun writing down the contents of conversations that she had with Therese for posterity. On July 7, 1897 Pauline recorded the following dialogue that she had with Therese after the latter had coughed up blood. “Baby is going to see God very soon.”

I asked: “Are you afraid of death now that you see it so close?”

“Ah, less and less.”

“Do you fear the Thief? This time He’s at the door.”

“No, He’s not at the door; He’s inside! But what are you saying, little Mother! Do I fear the Thief! How can I fear one whom I love so much!” (St. Therese of Lisieux, her last conversations, p. 76)

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