We Have A Winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in St. Therese Quiz #1 this past weekend. The correct response to the question was SNOW and the first correct response came from someone in Eagleville, PA. The book “St. Benedict and St. Therese – The Little Rule and the Little Way” by Dwight Longenecker has already been distributed as the prize to the winner.

The special favor that Therese had hoped for from Jesus on the day of her Reception of the Habit was snow. She wrote that, “Nothing was missing, not even the snow! I don’t know if I’ve already told you how much I love snow? When I was small, its whiteness filled me with delight, and one of the greatest pleasures I had was taking a walk under the light snowflakes. Where did this love of snow come from? Perhaps it was because I was a little winter flower, and the first adornment with which my eyes beheld nature clothed was its white mantle. I had always wished that on the day I received the Habit, nature would be adorned in white just like me. The evening before, I was gazing at the gray skies from which a fine rain was falling every now and again, and the temperature was so mild I could no longer hope for any snow. The following morning the skies hadn’t changed. The celebration, however, was wonderful.

Immediately afterward, my glance was drawn to the snow, the monastery garden was white like me! What thoughtfulness on the part of Jesus! Anticipating the desires of His fiancee He gave her snow. Snow! What mortal bridegroom, no matter how powerful he may be, could make snow fall from heaven to charm his beloved? Perhaps people wondered and asked themselves this question. What is certain, though, is that many considered the snow on my Clothing Day as a little miracle and the whole town was astonished. Some found I had strange taste, loving snow!” (Story of A Soul, p. 154-156)

Thanks again to all who participated in the quiz. Be assured that there will be other quizzes in the future.

Also, congratulations to the winner of the Kentucky Derby last Saturday – the horse named I’ll Have Another. We’ll all drink a mint julep to the winner of the Horseshoe of Roses! Congratulations also to the second place horse, Bodemeister, and the third place horse, Dullahan. A job well done to all the owners, trainers, and jockies. Therese was only a toddler of 2 when the first Kentucky Derby race was run in 1875!

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