A Worthless Toy in the Hands of the Child Jesus

“Many of the great mystics, in order to attain to the perfection of love, exercised themselves continuously in the practice of Christian virtues. But that was not Saint Therese’s method either in theory or in practice. Whatever the form of her human activity, primarily she was always interiorly engaged in loving God. In this way she reached the summit of divine love in the space of a few years. She tells us something about it in these words:

‘I know that it was for the glory of God that the great saints laboured and suffered, but as one of His very little souls I live for His pleasure alone, to gratify the divine ‘fancies’, so to speak. I would willingly undergo the greatest sufferings (even, if this were possible, without His being aware of them) not in view of any accidental glory He might derive from them – no, that would be too much! – but simply to make him smile, even once… Multitudes there are who yearn to be useful! But my one ambition is to remain as a worthless toy in the hands of the Child Jesus… to become one with the ‘whims’ of the Divine Infant!’ ” (My Sister Saint Therese, p. 63-64)

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