The White Rabbit

Sister Genevieve of the Holy Face, Therese’s sister Celine Martin, related a story in her book, My Sister Saint Therese, that Therese was fond of telling to illustrate the power of confidence in God. Therese would ask, “Can a father scold his child when the child is the first to own up to his fault? Cetainly not. He just presses the little one to his heart.”

Therese went on to recount a story to teach her point. “A king who had set out on the chase noticed his dogs pursuing a white rabbit which was a little ahead of them. When the little rabbit began to sense that the dogs were about to pounce upon him, turning suddenly around, he bounded back quickly and jumped up into the arms of the huntsman. Deeply moved by this show of confidence, the king cherished the rabbit thereafter as his own; he allowed no one to molest him and nourished and cared for the little animal himself.”

“This is how God will treat us,” Therese added, “if, when hunted down by the claims of Divine Justice, represented by the little dogs in the story, we run for refuge into the very arms of our Judge…”

Isn’t it great that our God is so merciful?!

Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law, Dan!

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1 Response to The White Rabbit

  1. anitamaz says:

    Great, great story!! Loved it.

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