Bringing St. Therese to the Knights

I don’t think that I mentioned that I am also in the Knights of Columbus. The Knights are a fraternal organization of Catholic men who want to serve their church and community. I’m what is known as a 4th Degree Knight, A.K.A. Sir Knight. (no, you do not have to address me that way if we should ever have the privilege of meeting!) I attend a 4th Degree Council with other Sir Knights and also a local council which has Knights of all degrees (and colorful personalities).

It is at a meeting of the latter group that I will be giving a 15-20 minute Good of the Order presentation on St. Therese this coming Wednesday, November 16th. You guessed it! A Good of the Order presentation means that I will be speaking on a topic that will cause no harm to any Knight present! No Knight will run from the room screaming because, after all, that would most certainly not be good. It will be positive, uplifting, and will bring value to their lives. I can think of no greater way to do this than speak about St. Therese.

How can I convince the Knights that a simple, 19th Century, cloistered, Carmelite nun has something valuable to say to 21st Century, practical, busy, men-of-the-world? I had to get all my neurons firing on this one! Well, the Knights set out to do good to their fellow men through dedicated service in a plethora of ways and St. Therese teaches that this very service can be sanctified and elevated by doing it for the love of God and others. She highlights that any given service activity, no matter how good, is not an end in itself. The love and service of God and getting to heaven to be with Him is the end of all Christian service. Therese can add this essential ingredient into the mix!

I concluded that St. Therese’s Little Way of childlike trust can help the Knights do better what they are already doing! I can explain to my fellow Knights that doing all things through love and trusting that God will help bring the good works to fruition will bring added value and beauty to all their activities. Furthermore, where their efforts fizzle out or fall short God will make up the difference! That is a very cool guarantee. I wish I had the same financial guarantee when I run short of cash! God wants us to do our best and then trust that He will do the rest.

Cliche aside, that is a profound idea and a natural segue to St. Therese’s Little Way of total trust and abandoment to God. God wants us to rest like a child in His arms as He accomplishes His work. The Knights will see that they can trust that God will bless and multiply their service and give a new vitality to it.

Women are not allowed to attend meetings of the Knights, but a exception will be made when the message of an angelic little nun makes it debut at a meeting in PA next Wednesday!

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2 Responses to Bringing St. Therese to the Knights

  1. Dan says:

    Spread the message brother.

  2. Anita says:

    So wonderful! Looking forward to reading your blog. I would like to know more about St. Therese & her ministry. Can’t wait to read more!

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